Hazy Days – MAC/PC/iOS

Hazy Days is a Breathing Simulator set in China.

The game follows Xiao Feng, a young girl who is about to visit her Grandmother for Chinese New Year. Over the course of seven days, players control her breathing as she faces increasing levels of pollution in the city.

Press Quotes:

“A surprisingly emotional experience” – KJ Robertson (alphabetagamer)

“A simple game to show how high levels of air pollution are affecting China’s citizens—in particular, its children.” –Rachel Pick (VICE)

“The delivery of the message is excellent.” – Brendan Caldwell (Rockpapershotgun)

“[Hazy Days] recalls the political games of Molleindustria that focus on the terrible human conditions”– (Killscreen)

“Although only a single button is needed, the game is deceptively challenging.” – Carlos Daez (Thecurrent)

“It is cruelly real.” – Belén Gómez (Onseriousgames)


I’ve been living in China for over a year now and while the city is great, the air pollution is a real issue that people deal with on a day-to-day basis. I made Hazy Day based on my own personal experiences and I hope that it can help put into perspective what it feels like to breathe in smog.

China’s air pollution levels are constantly covered in the media. With Hazy Days, I hope to humanize the issue so that the problem can be more relatable.