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Super Atomico

Super Atomico is a single player tunnel racing game. The game uses boost/attract and brake/repel as core mechanics. Repel the bombs, avoid obstacles, and collect gold cells by boosting.


Teaser Trailer

Stroma and Super Atomico features original music and sounds by Benedek

If you would like more information on the production of this game, check out Super Atomico’s Facebook Page.

Richard Lemarchand, Lead Game Designer of the Uncharted Series, playing Super Atomico at the NYU Game Center Showcase

Production Team

  • Game Designer: Michael Ren
  • Production Manager: Reynaldo Vargas
  • Artist: Sebastian Teesdale
  • Level Designer: Chris Nelson
  • Programmer: Andrew Snyder-Spak
  • Music Composition/ Sound Design: Nicky Benedek